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season 2019

season 2019
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Date Title Venue City
19.01.18 - 19.12.19 - -
20.12.18 - 28.12.19 FINISH Winner: Pierre75 Melbourne Park
02.01.19 - 18.12.19 FINISH Winner: TIRO111 Nadal academy

Archery king 2019 season

Archery king 2019 season

A free archery game on iso and android system, we make international tournaments on this game. READ THE RULES OF THE TOURNAMENTS IT S VERY IMPORTANT.

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Date Title Venue City
28.02.19 - 26.12.19 archery kink first tournament registration-open -

Air hockey season 1

Air hockey season 1

For buy game:

You must play against players in your country or near your country because you must have less 50ms ping rate for no latency.

Players list at 07/02/2019

Players from France Players from Russia, belarus    

Tournié laurent

Tournié Quentin 20ms ping

Mogzero 20ms ping

alexfromg 32ms ping

 yurashpak 96 ping with france playable    

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Date Title Venue City
Open Date - -

Aotennis Game Info

Official game website:

Official forum game:

Achat via steam au prix de 24 euros. 

Purchase via steam at the price of 24 euros.

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